Kolefnisbrúin in English

The main goals

Residence: People tend to live in a community, urban or rural. With forest surrounding and diverse working opportunities life all around Iceland will prosper.

Food: With growth of forest conditions to agriculture in Iceland gets better. Scarcity of food is threat to next generations.

Healthy ecosystems: Develop greener nature in harsh conditions of Iceland. Planning a forest is a great opportunity of restoring healthier and diverse ecosystems into the future.

Climate actions: Farmers can offer land which can be forested and clean the atmosphere. Carbon sequestration with trees is a great way of developing brighter livelihood for people. 


The Carbon bridge is the link between investors and landowners. Investors who are willing to pay for secure forestry and to have certified carbon credits in return. Landowners who are willing to use their land for a certain time in productive forestry, obligated for carbon sequestration. 

It will have a major impact in the long run. The investors will become much greater players in the green economy knowing of their responsibility towards the environment. To establish forest in a treeless land the landowner must take action, such as make roads, produce seedlings and put them in the ground. It takes time and manpower to do and therefore it will provide new jobs. Not to mention  later on in managing and utilizing the forests. 

The appraisal will be done using Regulations set by the Carbon Bridge. Qualified farmers and contractors will do regular measuring and administration of the actual binding of carbon. The data will be certified by special certification companies and the data will be accessible to researchers, experts, and not least the public. In other words, the Carbon Bridge project will  be as transparent as modern technology allows. 

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