))Kolefnisbrúin in English

is Carbon bridge

The Carbon Bridge why and what


WHY is Carbon Bridge

The core goal of Carbon Bridge is a tool in climate action. It is about producing, selling, and buying carbon credits, mainly in form of forest carbon sequestration. Other methods the forestry may be quivalent in sequestrationand and whey it have been aprooved by relevant experts it can take further actions by the Carbon bridge  


WHAT does Carbon Bridge do?

Carbon bridge is a link; connecting landowners, sellers, to relevant buyers. It can be any buyer, but selective business of farmers and investors is important for reliably business plan and promising development.

  • The farmers have the land available, the knowledge of their land and are willing to start production of carbon units.
  • The buyer has capacity for buying carbon credits, in the terms of good business for the environment, the society and rightful economy; like is suggested in the goals of Sustainable development adopted by United Nations.
  • The carbon bridge has the knowledge, connection, and alliance to all stakeholders. It brings everyone together and announce the outcome of the carbon credit/the business in understandable and reliable platform, like kolefnisbru.is


WHO is behind Carbon bridge?

Carbon Bridge is a company owned by Icelandic farmers. To be specific, the assiciations of Icelandi farmers and Icelandic forest farmers (LSE and BÍ).

WHO are the terms of Carbon Bridge?

> For landowners

               Priority orders:


  • 1) Farmer -producing food/agricultural goods for
  • 2) Living on the farm but not in food production
  • 3) Owner of the farm, living close by, for instance in the next village
  • 4) Owner of the farm, living in Iceland
  • 5) Owner of farm, living abroad


Forest vice: Mixture of all!!!

  • Social: Opens the forest (or a part of it) for recreational purposes
  • Economical: Wood production forest (or a part of it) making quality timber resource.
  • Environmental: emphasizes on biodiversity for the forest


> For costumer

               Buyer obligations to use the credit wisely.

               Terms are under revision


When will this take place?

A) farmers are prepared with land. (depends on municipalities

B) Costumer is willing to buy credits.


HOW does it work?

Carbon bridge combines buyers needs to formers agenda. The carbon credits are certificate after Skógarkolefni.  The outcome/process can be followed on the website kolefnisbru.is


Where does it take place?

Farmers in Iceland produce the carbon credits.

Buyers all over the world can buy credits. N.b. after Skógarkolefni terms.


WHY is Carbon bridge doing this?

In union with other honest farmers and landowners Carbon bridge can be a great benefit for farmers and agriculture in Iceland. When Carbon bridge thrives so will the farmers, who re the rightful owners at the same time.

Costumers would like to buy certified carbon units, which are equivalent to agricultural stapility, recreational opportunity (and more) at the same time and does also improve residents and recruitment in farming all over Iceland.



Who are in cooperation with Carbon bridge?

Benefits of being in cooperation with Carbon bridge are sustainable based.


The follow up of planting and tree measurement will be done be a AI-application on a phone. The collected data will be used in a database approachable by stakeholders, such as the farmer, the surveyor, the Icelandic forest service and forest educator such as LBHI. – This application is in development. In correspond with the Carbon bridge ORB has great approach towards users of the app.

IFC Skógræktin/LBHI*

Being in a forest restoration project with Carbon bridge farmers can be sure their measured data is used safe, wisely, and productively. Meaning the data will be in good hands used in compatible mater by experts in productive matter for the government and world if that matters.

* Formal negotiation has not yet taken place, only informal.

It will have a major impact in the long run. The investors will become much greater players in the green economy knowing of their responsibility towards the environment. To establish forest in a treeless land the landowner must take action, such as make roads, produce seedlings and put them in the ground. It takes time and manpower to do and therefore it will provide new jobs. Not to mention  later on in managing and utilizing the forests. 

The appraisal will be done using Regulations set by the Carbon Bridge. Qualified farmers and contractors will do regular measuring and administration of the actual binding of carbon. The data will be certified by special certification companies and the data will be accessible to researchers, experts, and not least the public. In other words, the Carbon Bridge project will  be as transparent as modern technology allows.